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What Obama Won't Do For You

"Thanks to Barack Obama's victory, I can now work less hours and get more food stamps!"

You're sitting in a bus headed to work the day after the November 2008 elections. Today isn't a normal riding day, as the passengers are "alive" and talking to each other. You'd think that you were riding with a whole bunch of lottery winners.

The person sitting behind you is expressing relief that someone is finally going to take over the mortgage payments. The person right next to you talks about how great it'll be to receive a monthly stipend from the government; courtesy of the greedy rich people now forced to pay their share. The person behind you talks about how they finally will be able to drive to work, now that someone will be giving him money to put gas in his car. The person in front of you tells you that you should sit in the back of the bus.

You feel like you're in the Twilight Zone.

The above may sound strange, but it's happened across the country. The first statement was made in a Laundromat; a woman told her friend that now that Obama was elected, she could reduce her work hours as her food stamps benefits were about to go up.

The media did such an extraordinary job at fooling the electorate that some myths need to be addressed.

1. President Obama has no plans to create a perpetual financial stipend for the public. His economic stimulus plan extends unemployment benefits and provides tax credits. These are one time actions based on Congress' desires. You'll get $500.00 if you're single, or $1,000.00 if you're married. This'll happen once; or more if Congress wants to provide another economic stimulus. The tax credits will go to taxpayers regardless of race.

2. President Obama never said anything about forcing Caucasians to suffer racial injustice. No plans are in the works to force whites to sit in the back of the bus; or to cater to another race. The "oppressed race" will not be immune to racial discrimination charges; nor will they have "open season" to promote its own at the expense of another race.

3. President Obama isn't the beginning of what will be a long succession of African American presidents. The next president could be Caucasian, or have Hispanic, American Indian, or Asian ancestry. The next president could be a woman with Asian or Pacific Islander ancestry. The American Electorate will decide on the makeup of the next presidents in line.

4. History books will not be revised to reflect Jesse Jackson's, or Al Sharpton's, version of American History.

5. Barack Obama will not dish money out left and right, nor will he flood money to a "disadvantaged" race. Congress, not the President, has control over the budget. This includes collecting revenue, disbursing it, and managing the budget. Please note that the Democrats had control over congress since January 2007.

6. Barack Obama isn't going to singlehandedly pass one law after another. Again, it's Congress' job to create bills; which become law after the President signs it into law. The President doesn't create the majority of our laws.

7. Drastic changes? Again, please note that a Democrat Congress has been creating the laws since January 2007. President Obama is a Democrat; consider the odds of a Democrat President turning this country 180 degrees in another direction when a Democrat Congress has been making laws since 2007.

Such drastic change would bring us closer to what conservatives want. If that happens, "Oh yes we did!" would quickly change to, "Oh no he didn't!"

Travis is a freelance writer that specializes in information market, political writing, fundraising and communications.

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Obama's Inauguration - What is the Message?

Beyonce, Mary J Blige, Bono, Garth Brookes, Sheryl Crowe, Renee Fleming, Josh Groban, Herbie Hancock, Heather Headley, John Legend, Jennifer Nettles, John Mellancamp, Bruce Springsteen, Usher, Shakira, James Taylor and Stevie Wonder.

In addition, Jamie Foxx, Martin Luther King III, Queen Latifa and Denzil Washington will be reading historical passages and Reverend V. Gene Robinson will give the invocation.

That is quite a list. Did I just list off the line up for the Grammys? For the Golden Globe Awards? Perhaps the Emmys? No, this is a listing of who will perform at our new President elects Inauguration. This is the listing of the performers at Obama's Inauguration. All of these supposed "celebrities" - bringing in the newest member of the bunch, the newest "celebrity" on the block. Yes, our President is now viewed as a "celebrity" - not a serious "thinker" who will lead this country through good and bad times.

What kind of message is this sending to the country and the world?

"Even though we're very practiced at inaugurations and large events, this is one that will rewrite the book on inaugurations" said (D) Eleanor Norton of DC - who has requested an ADDITIONAL $15 MILLION from Congress to help the city pay the costs of the inauguration. That would DOUBLE the $15 Million Congress has already allocated to pay for the event. She believes that the total costs to the city could run close to $50 Million! Which, by the way, is the same amount that Congress allocated to both Denver and St. Paul to host the Republican and Democratic conventions earlier this year.

I almost have to take a break now and sit back and reread what I just wrote. Is this insane? Do you feel the same outrage and disgust that I do? Have you approved these expenditures? Has anyone asked you about approving these expenditures? Where is the accountability and "transparency" of these outlandish money allocations. No wonder our government is completely broke - they do not know the concept of what a "budget" is. This is very sad for all future generations who will be saddled with this tremendous debt.

Is it necessary to have all those entertainers at a Presidential Inauguration? I guarantee they are not playing for free and that they account for a good part of the inauguration budget - your money. Why is it necessary to have such an expensive extravaganza to inaugurate the President? Does anyone notice that the government has no money? Yet they are going out and splurging on this big party during one of the worst economic down turns in our history. Where is the common sense? Where is the responsibility? This seems like the activities of a teenager who has no value for money - yet millions of Americans seem to want what is happening.

If these people must celebrate and party - at the tax payers expense - then there is apparently nothing We the People - can do about it. All I know is I didn't authorize my tax dollars to be spent this frivolously - did you? I hope they enjoy the party because once the party is over - and I mean with the economy - they are going to realize that the inauguration was irrelevant - what matters is the reality of our economic situation and the current world activities.

America cannot stick its head in the sand and make believe for a night that everything is OK. We need a leader who will say "The inauguration is to be a small gathering in the Oval Office - that will be seen on TV for all. The total cost will be minimal, the process will be quick and we will then begin work on righting America's challenges immediately there after".

This is the message we need to hear from our leader - not - let's have a party, and spend millions of dollars we don't have THEN when the party is over we are going to spend even more money we don't have - TRILLIONS of dollars more that we don't have. Yes, this inauguration sends the wrong message to all tax paying Americans and to the world.

It tells the tax payers that - "we do not value your money, we will print all the money we want and we only care about momentary, short term happiness and fixes". It tells the world that "America frivolously and without care spends their money in the face of an economic storm" Does this send the message of stability that our foreign allies need to feel confident in our economy? What kind of insanity is guiding these monetary decisions? Where is the responsibility and accountability?

People, in the face of such disorder we must band together and make our voices heard - loud and clear. Do you want this irresponsibility to continue in Washington? Do you want to stand in defense of your children's futures? We must stand together in larger numbers and protest how our government is spending our money There must be accountability for these trillions. Please join me today - express your free speech, assemble and petition - we must change the direction our government is heading us down. We need Capitalism not Socialism. Make your voice heard today.

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Obama Collectibles - Will Barack Obama Collectibles Continue to Be Good Investments?

With the United States making history with the election of Barack Obama, many people are collecting election paraphernalia. Will it continue to be a good investment?

Whether it is the stock market, land, or antiques, any investment is a risky investment. Can anyone really say if our President Elect's collectibles will continue to be a good investment? Unless you have a crystal ball that can accurately predict the future, then the answer would have to be a resounding "no."

The bottom line to any investment is: do your research. At the present time, most items that have Barack Obama's autograph on them are going for an outrageous price. If he continues to make history, the cost of those items will continue to rise.

Look at America's last well-loved president: John F. Kennedy. The only reason Kennedy memorabilia does not go for the same amount that Obama's is going for, is because items for Kennedy were mass-produced. In essence, there were too many items put in circulation.

Any collectors' item concerning Barack Obama has just recently been put into circulation, so people are willing to snap those items up at high prices. And, as people continue to buy these items, and they become harder to find, the prices that collectors are will to pay will only increase.

There is quite a bit of "Obama" collateral out there, but the items that are going for the big bucks are less in numbers, so there is more of a demand. Small items that are in the less-expensive category will probably increase in value at a slower rate, but again as the campaign buttons, mugs and magnets become less in numbers, collectors will be willing to pay unbelievable prices for them as well.

One final warning: If you are looking for something with Obama's autograph, be very careful. It has already been proven that there are forgeries of our President Elect's signature.

If you are a collector of Barack Obama paraphernalia, visit http://www.ObamaCollectorsGuide.com for more information

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Alan_LaMont

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Obama Collectibles - Own a Piece of Modern History With Obama Memorabilia

We have just witnessed one of the most exciting presidential campaigns in modern history. The 2008 campaign for United States President had many ups and downs, and some surprising twists. The most surprising was the amazing rise of a little known senator from Illinois named Barack Obama, who in mere months went from underdog to front runner.

Along the way, people began to hear his message of hope and change and realized that America could be great again, if we all just worked together. Barack Obama created a movement that is still going strong today. Of course, with any movement of this size, there's a lot of history being made and we all want to own a little piece of it for ourselves so that we can always remember this special time.

Barack Obama's popularity has created a growing demand for all sorts of Obama collectibles of every size, shape and form. If you supported Barack Obama during the campaign, then you probably already own some campaign memorabilia like buttons, pins, hats, posters, yard signs and t-shirts.

Fortunately, there are now many more Obama related things to collect besides campaign items. Some of these items may grow in value over time, while others are just keepsakes for you to treasure forever.

Barack Obama Commemorative Coins - Barack Obama coins are one of the hottest selling items right now and there are several ads on TV offering a selection of colorful coins with his image on them. Here are some facts about Barack Obama coins:

The coins being advertised the most are U.S. Mint coins that have been colorized with a special coating.

There is some controversy as to the real value of these coins. If you intend to purchase these coins, be aware that even though they are currency, their value has been greatly diminished by the colorization process. Meaning, they're pretty to look at, but won't grow in monetary value over time.

The U.S. Mint has issued a warning concerning these colorized coins stating that they do not endorse, sponsor or authorize any coin that has been altered or defaced for commercial purposes. Therefore, if you buy them for a keepsake that's fine, but don't buy extra sets counting on being able to resell them for a profit later on. Colorized coins are worthless.

Having said that, there are some very nice sets out there that can be displayed and even used as educational pieces. If you see any coin set that is being advertised as going up in value, do your research before buying.

Barack Obama Commemorative Plate - Obama plates are also being heavily advertised on TV and elsewhere as high-quality collectibles. A ceramic collector plate of Barack Obama usually is the size of a normal dinner plate and features an official looking color picture of Barack Obama. Some plates are done by independent artist and can feature embossed photos of Obama or the first family.

An Obama plate may or may not come with a display stand, which is a small stand that you can sit the plate on top of to display it on a shelf, or inside a glass cabinet.

Barack Obama Poster Art - This has been one of the most popular items during the campaign and has now branched out into the post election era. The most famous of all Barack Obama posters is the Obama hope poster done by artist Shepard Fairey. This iconic poster was originally hung around Chicago and other urban cities as a cool way to promote the change candidate.

After the election, this particular poster has only grown in value and popularity. It is a physical reminder that in these stressful times, there's always hope for a better tomorrow. In addition to the Shepard Fairey Obama poster featuring the words hope or change, there's another popular one that says progress.

There are two versions of the Obama progress poster. One created by Fairey, and another rarer one created by an artist named Scott Hansen. Hansen's poster differs from Fairey's in that it has a more retro vibe and features the images of people surrounding a large tree. The Obama symbol is in the middle and the word Progress is written in large letters on the bottom. There are also other unique posters created by a variety of talented artists.

Barack Obama Tee Shirts - Creativity abounds when it comes to t-shirts featuring the image of Barack Obama. There are the official tees created by the campaign, but many people love the uniquely original versions that can only be found from creative artists of many stripes.

There are cheap Obama t shirts and nicer urban Obama shirts like the powerful Obama MLK t shirts featuring the likeness of our 44th President and Martin Luther King, Jr. I've also seen some cool ones commemorating the inauguration.

Newspaper Cover with Obama - There are a lot of people who like to own a copy of big city newspapers that feature a major event on the cover. A newspaper shows off an important story like no other periodical can. The bigger the city, the better. Many people are now seeking copies of New York newspapers with Obama election results, or Obama newspaper headlines. This is because The New York Times is read by people around the world.

The Chicago Sun Times and USA Today covers are examples of other newspapers that are highly collectible. Obama's historic election and inauguration are captured in exciting detail by these daily papers.

Barack Obama Commemorative Magazine - Obama Time magazine covers are in high demand due to the popularity of both Obama himself and Time magazine. Time has been documenting important world events for decades and seems to be a collector favorite for this reason.

There are other great Obama magazine covers like that cool one from Ebony that features Obama wearing sunglasses and exiting his ride. Another great one is the recent Rolling Stone magazine cover with the blue background. There will be many more of these - count on it.

Barack Obama Buttons - Because they're so easy to make, there are hundreds of buttons featuring the likeness of Barack Obama. Many people already have official campaign buttons. However, there are many more created by independent artists with all sorts of designs and colors. If you're collecting Obama memorabilia, you've got to have at least one cool Obama button.

Barack Obama Mugs - There are black Obama coffee mugs and white obama coffee mugs with all kinds of cool artwork. Buy one to drink out of and one just for display. The more unique the design is, the more you'll treasure it.

Obama Comics - Yes, there is already a comic book that features Obama on the cover (Amazing Spiderman #583 Variant Comic Book). It's a special edition Marvel Spiderman Comic where our superhero, Spiderman, saves inauguration day. This is very limited and highly collectible. The creators of the series found out that Obama collected Spiderman comics when he was a kid. I'm sure there will be more Obama comic book fun in the future.

Barack Obama Shoes - Believe it or not, you can buy Obama shoes or Obama sneakers that have unique Obama graphics on them. These aren't official shoes made by famous name brand manufacturers, but they sure are super cool.

Best deals on a wide variety of Barack Obama collectibles - Click here now:

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Obama Cabinet

Who will the new President Elect choose to assist him in running this country? Of course they will be some of the best and brightest, and more than likely they will be individuals who are not only qualified but have also been associated with Barack Obama in the past. For instance, Barack Obama's nominee for Treasury Secretary went to Timothy Giethner not only is he well educated and well qualified for the job, but he also has a past connection with Barack Obama through his father, Peter Geithner, who managed microfinance programs for the Ford Foundation in Indonesia. It was at this time that Peter Geithner became aquainted with a woman by the name of Ann Dunhame-Soetoro, Barack Obama's mother.

Hillary Clinton, now the Secretary of State, had a wild campaign against now President Elect Barack Obama for the Democratic Presidential Nomination. Moreover, she is not only well educated and well qualified, but she has had much more experience than most at running the US of A. Since, at the time of her being the First Lady she and her husband Bill Clinton were referred to as being co-presidents. Attorney General Eric Holder joined Barack Obama's presidential campaign in late 2007 as his senior legal advisor. Holder had previously been nominated the Deputy Attorney General by Bill Clinton; he was the first African American to serve in that position. Moreover, Holder played a key role in advising Attorney General Janet Reno in the execution of policies in the Independent Counsel Statute during the investigation of the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

The nomination for Secretary of Defense went to the former Bush administration Defense Secretary, Michael Gates. Gates accepted the nomination as Secretary of Defense on November 8, 2006, replacing Donald Rumsfeld. He was confirmed with bipartisan support and in a 2007 profile written by former National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski, Time named Gates one of the year's most influential people. For more information on the Obama Cabinet such as expected nominations and videos on Barack Obama simply visit Obama cabinet.

Rick Sutherland

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Obama Baby Clothes

As you might know, the presidential elections are buzzing about. Many people have already chosen who they want to stand behind, and it would seem Obama isn't left without a strong following of his own. While infants and toddlers may not be old enough to vote or comprehend the importance of our next president, it has become an increasing trend among parents to dress their children in support of who they want for president. From their first days, all the way to toddlerhood; it is possible to have your child sport these trend setting Obama onesies, t-shirts, and accessories.

When you are looking for the perfect onesie or t-shirt for your child to wear in support of Obama, you may become overwhelmed by the quantity that is available to you. Whether you are shopping at your local retail mass market retail chain, or online. However I myself have found that taking your search online, often times not only opens up the possibilities of finding that perfect fit; but can also help you to refine your search to your specific needs. Below I have included some of the cutest Obama support onesies, t-shirts, and even accessories that are available for you to purchase.

*Mama says vote for Obama (this cute little saying can be found on both onesies or t-shirts for infants and toddlers. It also comes in a variety of colors and fonts)

* I Love BO (an adorable little spin on Barack Obama's name, sported on an infant onesie)

* Babies for Barack

* Its time for a change! Obama

* Kids for Obama Obama for kids

* Future Democrat for Obama

While you aren't limited to things such as onesies and t-shirts, as many retailers offer things such as hats, infant safe pins, and even shoes that sport the support of Obama's campaign. Of course, there are so many more choices available for you to select from. They can range from the simple to elaborate designs. However, remember when you are choosing the right obama related onesie or t-shirt for your child; that you should try to select the right size to optimize the usage time of your child's clothing. If your child is nearing the end of the size's expectancy you should try to make your purchase for one size larger; or make a purchase of two so you can get even more enjoyment our of these sassy onesies, t-shirts, and accessories.

Show your baby's style by dressing them up in your favorite band's t-shirts and onesies. Whether it's The Ramones, Led Zeppelin or 311, there are punk rock baby clothes as well as Obama baby clothes, toddler shirts, infant t-shirts and diaper bags available. Other kids clothing and gift items include: Toddler skate shoes, slogan baby clothes, rompers, baby bibs and beanies and we now offer a selection of Political baby onesies and t-shirts

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Mansfield Shares Story of Faith of Obama

"This book is...written in the belief that if a man's faith is sincere, it is the most important things about him, and...it is impossible to understand who he is and how he will lead without first understanding the religious vision that informs his life..." -Stephen Mansfield

I think reading The Faith of Barack Obama by Stephen Mansfield after the 2008 election is over has allowed me to better absorb the wealth of understanding this book provides. Mansfield, who has also written of Churchill, Booker T. Washington, George W. Bush, et. al. has a gift for honing in on, and creating a well-documented text that speaks directly to and clearly presents the defining points of the person about whom he has written.

It is not the first time Mansfield has written about the faith of men. It perhaps, though, is the first time that his book is published immediately before the election of that man as president elect. Obviously, the biography may well become a must-read for all Americans, as we look toward the time of change that Obama has promised. I believe the book covers essentially all of the issues that drove this year's election and helps lay a foundation that will guide our understanding of the future.

One of the major highlights of the book was a comprehensive, comparative analysis of the "Four Faces of Faith" for those individuals who were the primary participants in the 2008 election: George W. Bush as the individual who was leaving the office and then Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain as the leading candidates. Each of these individuals has openly discussed their faith during the election. Reading the comparison however, clearly focuses on how the candidates' profession of faith may have been perceived by citizens.

Mansfield begins his book, naturally, with a look at Obama's early life. Considering the diversity of influences from his major role models-his parents, grandparents, and his stepfatherĀ¾it is somewhat amazing that he was able to intellectually work through the breadth of his experience and arrive at a point where he chose to follow Christ. Then, as various political campaigns were undertaken, Obama was constantly attacked from a faith standpoint; however, being under fire, actually worked to forge his beliefs into both rhetoric as well as actions that in turn fired his growing numbers of followers.

"We worship an awesome God in the Blue States," declared Obama at the 2004 Democratic Party Convention speech. Quite willing to claim that democrats were Christians too, Obama has in essence "founded" a Religious Left that has met the needs of the millions who soundly rejected that only the Religious Right were true Christians. "We, too, have faith...Those of us who believe in a woman's right to choose an abortion, who defend the rights of gays and who care for the poor... It was a conscious attempt to reclaim the voice of the American political Left."

Mansfield clarifies issues regarding Obama's early teachings in Islam, and his relationship with Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr., as well as a discussion of the black church experience, which historically has provided a method for hearing the news, dealing with issues and planning for the good of the community. His inclusion of a perhaps little-known issue, of the "Tuskegee Syphilis Study," lends credibility to his discussion and forces us to better understand the fear and anger of a large part of our population!

In closing, Mansfield highlights a number of healers-those who are able to bring about change for the good. Will Obama be such a healer? Mansfield seems to imply that he just might be. He has been forced to share and has willingly stood on what he believes, while at the same time, admitting, for instance, when he is unsure of his position on abortion, that "I don't believe such doubts make me a bad Christian. I believe they make me human, limited in my understandings of God's purpose and therefore prone to sin." (From The Audacity of Hope) May this reviewer add her personal "Amen" to that!

Needless to say, I highly recommend The Faith of Barack Obama by Stephen Mansfield!

"No matter how religious they may or may not be, people are tired of seeing faith used as a tool of attack. They don't want faith used to belittle or to divide...Because in the end, that's not how they think about faith in their own lives." --Barack Obama

The Faith of Barack Obama
By Stephen Mansfield
Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 978-1-59555-250-1
164 Pages

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